News Riding The Wave Of Alternative Lending

October 13, 2016

Art Rendak is a speaker at 2016 Crittenden Real Estate Finance Conference

September 21, 2016

Art Rendak was one of the panel speakers at the 2016 Crittenden Real Estate Finance Conference in Miami past September.

Fried on Business Podcast: Commercial Real Estate Lending Trends

June 16, 2016

See Our Ad in the Commercial Mortgage Alert’s May Issue

May 20, 2016

Art Rendak Speaks at 13th Annual CIP Industrial Summit

April 29, 2016

Inland Mortgage Capital a Sponsor of REACH Social

April 28, 2016

Inland Mortgage Capital was a sponsor for the Real Estate Action Committee for City of Hope's 20th Anniversary REACH Social, which helps raise funds for cancer research. The event was held at the House of Blues.

Commercial Mortgage Alert: Inland Maps Growth, Seeks Investor

April 15, 2016

Art Rendak Speaks at Harvard

April 10, 2016

Art Rendak was a panelist on the topic of Investing: Trends in Equity & Credit Investing at Harvard University.

Daily Herald Business Ledger: Who Will Finance Commercial Real Estate Now?

March 07, 2016

Art Rendak Speaks On Business Ledger Newsmakers Forum Panel

February 18, 2016

Art Rendak is panelist at the Business Ledger Newsmakers Forum, discussing current trends in commercial real estate finance.