Bridge Loan Program

The Inland Mortgage Capital bridge lending program is the ideal funding solution for value-added commercial real estate opportunities nationwide, that require non-traditional financing. We provide quick decision-making and a fast closing process, which allows Borrowers to take advantage of value-added or distressed real estate ventures as they arise.

IMC Handbill

  • Loan Size:
    Up to $15 million
  • Program Territory:
  • Loan Type:
    Bridge, First Mortgage
  • Loan Term:
    Up to 3 Year Term (extensions available)
  • Loan-To-Value:
    Up to 75% Stabilized Appraised Value, Up to 80% on Multifamily Assets
  • Recourse:
  • Loan Fee:
    Typically 1% Upfront with up to 1% Exit
  • Interest Rates:
    Floating rate over LIBOR (30 Day)
  • Property Types:
    Industrial, Retail, Office, Multifamily, Self-Storage, Student Housing, Medical Office
  • Prepayment Penalty:
    Typically No Prepayment Premium
  • Project Preferences:
    Transitional light value-add to transitional heavy
  • Future Advances:
    No interest charged until funds disbursed
  • DSCR:
    Structured to 1.0x